Remix Lorenzo’s Music

Lorenzo’s Music & blocSonic first crossed paths back in 2010 when their great song “I’m Doing Fine” was included on “netBloc Vol. 27: Straight Outta The FMA”. Then again in 2014 when “Low” was included on “netBloc Vol. 47: Grooves For The Sentient”. Then, in 2017 blocSonic fans were treated to an EP release of 5 of the band’s favorite tunes.

Lorenzo’s Music

Well, it’s been a few years since that EP and we felt that 2024 is as good a time as any to make something special happen for Netlabel Day. Lorenzo’s Music have long been stalwart supporters of Creative Commons licensing, so they wanted to open things up to the community and put together a release of remixes!

Producers and remixers, below you’ll find everything you need to participate and we sure hope you do!

The deadline for remixes is June 14th!

Friction world

Download the “Friction world” remix kit

I can only miss you

Download the “I can only miss you” remix kit

Rainy day friction

Download the “Rainy day friction” remix kit

Slippery friction

Download the “Slippery friction” remix kit

So long

Download the “So long” remix kit

With you

Download the “With you” remix kit

About Lorenzo’s Music

An experiment in playing music and trying to come up with something else.

Lorenzo’s Music is:

Lorenzo’s Music is a creative commons open-source band from Madison WI. Creating music using only open-source tools and software like Ardour and Ubuntu Studio and have created a method to use GitHub for music as a collaborative platform.

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